Finger Graffiti

David "Lefty" Schlesinger lefty at
Mon Jul 30 16:35:04 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> Except that OpenMoko is a completely made up phrase which has no other
> use in the English language.
That's completely irrelevant, I'm afraid. (By the way, there was a "Cafe
Moko" right around the corner from my hotel in London; I've got a
picture of the sign someplace...)
> Graffiti is a dictionary word. Trademarks against dictionary words are
> stupid. Microsoft should never have been able to trademark Windows
> either.
Trademarks exist in specific contexts for particular usages, they're not
a global thing. I'm obligated to deal with trademark law as I find it;
if you wish it were something different, you'll need to write your
Congressional representative...

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