Finger Graffiti

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Mon Jul 30 17:08:07 CEST 2007

>So by using fingers instead of a stylus we're not talking about the 
>same use case anyway.

That's certainly not clear to me.

>Are you policing this project for violations?

Not at all, that's a silly idea; as I've said, I simply _am_ obligated
to point out when a trademark held by my employer is being misused, and
that's simply a condition of having the trademark.

My credentials aren't at issue: I've got a long-standing involvement in
the community, I've presented at both the Ottawa Linux Symposium and at
GUADEC (of which ACCESS was a sponsor) this year, I'm on the GNOME
Foundation's Advisory Board and I'm the chair of the Linux Foundation's
Mobile Working Group and vice-chair of the Linux Phone Standards Forum's
Architectural Working Group. I've been on this list pretty much since it
existed, and as Sean can confirm, I've had a long-term interest in the
project--he and I have chatted on numerous occasions, and while I'm
still waiting for _my_ unit, I can hang on a while longer...

Let me add that there was = interest expressed by Mickey Lauer at GUADEC
week before last in using some of the "Hiker Project" components--which
we have made available under an open source license--in OpenMoko,
something I'd certainly encourage.

Let's be clear: nobody's "violated" anything. I felt it was necessary to
give a heads-up that heading too far in the direction you seem to be
trying to stake out (i.e. "Graffiti _shouldn't_ be a trademark" or
"We're using the term in some slightly nuanced way and claiming it's a
'different use case'") could be potentially troublesome, if the upshot
of it were to wind up amounting to the creation of a "test case" of
either of those notions. If, say, I _didn't_ point this out and, based
on the discussion, someone started a handwriting-related project called
"moko-graffiti" or something, that _would_ be troublesome. Just sayin'.

I think I've pretty much made the issues clear, and there doesn't seem
to be anything useful being added here. If anyone wants to delve further
into this, they're welcome to email me off-list.

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