OpenMoko future.

Sean Moss-Pultz sean at
Mon Jul 30 18:38:49 CEST 2007

On 07/29/2007 Jim McDonald wrote:
> [...]
> > > We want to build _the_ best open mobile device in the world. 100% 
> open.
> > >
> > > Only when we reach this point will our strengths be appreciated 
> by the
> > > mainstream user.
> > >   
> I understand the thinking here, but the mainstream user will neither
> know nor care about open source.  If a 'phone is available that fixes 
> a
> lot of the existing hideousness within UIs, if a 'phone is available
> that allows people to do what they want with it, if a 'phone is
> available that allows them to make calls at the best prices without
> suffering the whims of the network operators, *that* is when it will 
> be
> appreciated by the mainstream user.  Of course that I understand that
> open source is the way that openmoko is going to use to enable these
> things, and also that without a solid foundation it won't be possible 
> to
> do so, but there needs to be some focus on getting there rather than
> just having a cool 'phone.  And although we wouldn't expect to sit 
> back
> for someone else to make this a reality we would hope for support 
> where
> required.

I think that what makes us different (both as a company and a community)
is our understanding of FOSS. This is the reason why we created this
device and platform. And I think it's our responsibility to educate the
general public as to why an open phone is important.

Neo (and OpenMoko) will change this industry not because it will scroll
or look sexier than the iphone. Not because we will build a better
device than Nokia. But because it will allow us all to rewrite (again
and again) the rules until we come up with the next thing -- something
more than the phone.

This is what we mean when we say "free your phone." We will turn the
phone into something that far excedes the power of what most people
(even myself) ever thought possible.

FOSS will be the tool that will get us there. We must not forget this.
 It is our greatest strength. Always, remember the three requirements of
making a kick ass brand: focus. focus. focus ;-)


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