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Tue Jul 31 05:31:21 CEST 2007

On 7/30/07, Joe Pfeiffer <joseph at> wrote:
> Dan Trevino writes:
> >
> >I have their $5.99 internet plan working with my unsupported Treo 680.
> After reading the posts to howardforums (thanks Adam!), I have to ask:
> when you say it's "working", does that mean you can go to an arbitrary
> URL and see what's there?

The only difference between T-Mobile Web and T-Mobile Internet on the phone
is that T-Mobile Internet allows VPN while T-Mobile Web doesn't. You can
access any arbitrary html or wap site on your phone with both plans. I've
been using the cheaper plan since their t-zones unlimited days and haven't
had any problems getting online. Tethering should also work with T-Mobile

All the info you need to set it up here if you haven't found it already:
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