What is the FCC ID of the neo1973?

Adam Krikstone krikstone at cox.net
Tue Jul 31 07:18:43 CEST 2007

Just curious.  It will give info like SAR and other testing information 
like the upcoming Nokia E90 here:

I was more curious about the draft consumer documentation/manual that 
they submitted or lack their of.

When it does get approved I would guess it will go live here:

Jeff Rush wrote:
> Adam Krikstone wrote:
>> I see no mention of it anywhere on the wiki or lists.  Does anyone 
>> know the FCC ID?
> I'm curious of what use that information is -- does the registration 
> point to information at the FCC that says something about the 
> functioning of the phone?  Are you worried that it is an illegal phone?
> -Jeff

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