Anyone, not billed yet?

Chuck Burgess demon.gene at
Tue Jul 31 22:04:59 CEST 2007

>>* I asked for a creamsicle-colored Neo, and I haven't gotten any kind of
*>>* billing or shipping notification yet.   I presume that they haven't yet
*>>* shipped the second batch.

> Same here... my order# is below #2000, and I haven't been billed for mine yet.
> So, like you, I'm hoping all is well with my order and we're just waiting for
> the orange ones to get billed/shipped.

Hmmm, not good.  The P1 Owners list
shows other Orange phone orders both before (#1875, #191x) and after
(#2177) my own order (#1930)
that were already billed.  I wish there had been an acknowledgement
email from both
my YES_I_DO and ORANGE emails I'd sent on 7/13.  Those other orange
phones were billed

over a week ago.  Feels like my order has been lost.
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