$3000 roaming Iphone/AT&T story

Scott Rushforth scott at spotman.net
Tue Jul 31 22:02:38 CEST 2007

UPDATE, 12:18PM PT: Dave says, "AT&T just called and agreed to waive all 
charges due to the 'miscommunication.' I think they have a customer for 
life now."

admin at mmri.us wrote:
> "http://www.boingboing.net/2007/07/31/att_iphone_intl_roam.html"
> I guess that happens if you dont know what you are really charged for 
> when locked into a provider such as AT&T.
> Even more reason to have an unlocked phone. If you want to unlock the 
> Iphone, all you have is a PDA.
> It should be clear that the Iphone is a bit dead in the water.
> Anyway, this definitely helps to justify the wait for the FIC NEO.
> This looks like to me as if you HAVE TO use AT&T when in Europe!?
> No wonder it is so expensive to roam.
> If this is true, the the Iphone is a dead duck for business.
> Seemingly the  poor Iphone users cannot negotiate better deals, why 
> because there is no competition .. only AT&T for the Iphone.
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