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Nkoli coomac at
Tue Jul 31 23:30:46 CEST 2007

On 7/31/07, John Seghers <jseghers at> wrote:
> No, it was definitely the SIM. Certain handsets with certain SIMs would
> not
> download off our server (They would download the JAD, but not the
> JAR)--and
> the JAR was being blocked, it wasn't a case of it downloading and then
> refusing to install because of a bad certificate.
> Changing the SIM would allow it to proceed.
> Also, log into Samsung's developer boards and you will find commentary
> that
> other developers were running into the same issue.
> - John

I wouldn't put it past any telco to do something like that. I never
encountered it myself on tmobile, but I generally only browse with gprs/edge
and save downloads for wifi or pc.
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