[UI/Graphics] Ever heard of graff ?

Jay Vaughan jay at w1xer.de
Tue Jul 31 23:45:06 CEST 2007

> it's not about the conversion itself, but the data.

libcairo + librsvg == data galore.

> As for counting cairo out, sure not. But use it for specific scope.

Indeed, its a standard in my GUI toolkit at this point .. soon as I  
get a neo in my hands, I'll have a go at getting it rendering a small  
SVG suite as soon as I can ..

>    However, even UIs being scalable, they're basically described by
> pixmaps. It's insane to calculate a gradient on real time just to get
> a smooth blend: using a gradient pixmap and maybe using (even smooth)
> scaling would look as good, but use less CPU. Same for rounded
> corners, you can have a path to describe it, but a smart blit
> algorithm would be as fast.

Its nicer to render vectors to your destination buffer/pix format  
than do pixel processing from a bitmap file format, imho.  The extra  
boot-up time (to render SVG as needed) is a matter of taste, of  
course, but I never count out the idea of a display-list render loop  
until I've tried running it on targetted hardware ..

> BTW, evas have a cairo backend, so you can mix both if required. Other
> backends, like xrender, opengl, fb and directfb are supported as well.

Be nice to do the SDL dance too, because there are some fantastic SDL  
apps in the world ..


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