Freerunner GPS not working

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Fri Aug 1 13:30:32 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| I have the same problems. Tried with SD removed but makes no difference.
| Sometimes when I get a fix with external antenna and unplug it then, the
| internal is able to hold the fix; but not always. Internal never gets a
| fix on its own.

I always found here that external antenna gave a good signal even before
we learned that the SD Card could make trouble for the internal one.

| I had the FR open once. I think the internal connector sits fast. I
| haven't tried to unplug and replug it because the cable that runs from
| the plug to the antenna scared me. At the point where it is soldered to
| the antenna it is so thin and looked so fragile and worn off, I was
| afraid it would fall off any second.
| But I am not experienced enough to say whether this is normal.

I feel like the straightman here, now after that description I got to
say "it's normal".  It's sturdier than it looks, under normal conditions
it isn't stressed either.  The braid inside the thin cable is soldered
pretty firmly to the ground plane of the antenna.

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