2007.2 Multitap-pad toggle?

Dylan Reilly dreilly at atariland.net
Fri Aug 1 16:42:59 CEST 2008

Here you go. You still need the other two matchbox keyboard packages.
Use the button in the lower right to switch profiles. There are even
more characters in the "numbers" layout available via shift.

package: http://atariland.net/~dreilly/openmoko/matchbox-keyboard-0.1-finger.tar.gz
source: http://atariland.net/~dreilly/openmoko/matchbox-keyboard-inputmethod_0.1-finger_armv4t.ipk
layout only: http://atariland.net/~dreilly/openmoko/keyboard.xml

1) Keyboard repeat removed for finger usability.
2) Defaults to a larger size. The -h argument can be used to adjust
that, but is max 33% in landscape.
3) Key presses are sent on release not press so you can notice errors and abort.
4) Moving off a key deselects it and sends no key.
5) Swipe up, down, left, right to move the cursor in that direction.
6) Width values specified in layout now in absolute pixels.
7) The package overwrites the default keyboard.xml, so back it up if
you like it.

Known Issues
1) I know nothing about automake, so I had to hack into the makefile
to set the X session script as executable. If you play with the
source, don't automake without fixing this and expect a make install
to be 100% correct.
2) I think there is something slightly wrong with the meta data in the
ipk. Opkg complains about a related package (matchbox-keyboard-im I
think) after upgrades now.
3) I just noticed the control key seems to be applying at strange
times. If you get a "}" character, hit the CTRL key first. I will look
into this.

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 6:08 AM, Jay Vaughan <jayv at synth.net> wrote:
>> FWIW, I have a tweaked version of matchbox keyboard and an
>> accompanying layout that is finger capable and still usable in a
>> shell. The layout is based upon the iPhone keyboard (do not hate me!)
>> because I figured they spent many dollars on getting it right. It's by
>> no means perfect but I find it very usable. If that interests anyone,
>> I can post is somewhere.
> count me as interested!
> ;
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> Jay Vaughan
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