Removing SMS Messages from OM

John Whitmore captain.deadly at
Fri Aug 1 21:00:43 CEST 2008

Sorry can't find answer to problem.

Hello all, Well my OpenMoko has arrived and I'm very happy with it. 
Thanks to all the people who've made this happen. I do hope that in the 
future I can join the contributors.

Before that I've got two minor problems which somebody might be able to 
direct me to the solutions on the wiki. I can't seem to find them.

Firstly my Irish Vodafone SIM card don't work so I'll have to get a new 
one tomorrow. In the mean time I plugged in a friend's SIM just to see 
if that worked. It did, so that I know it's a SIM issue, but now I've 
got a load of my friend's SMS messages in my OM phone :-( Never thought 
that would happen. OK what was I thinking, but could somebody tell me 
where the OM stores it's SMS's and can I delete them?

Secondly I have a few problems which I think are probably fixed in a 
later version of SW. I was trying to do the Getting Started Wiki stuff 
and unfortunately the "opkg update" has a load of 404 errors which the 
wiki says to ignore. But when I do a opkg upgrade I get nothing. No 
upgrade is required. I assume that this should not be the case?

Sorry if I've missed an obvious search and thanks again for all the 
effort. This is a truly amazing achievement.

John Whitmore

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