What will the GTA03 have? and other quick questions...

Monkey D. Luffy the.real.monkey.d.luffy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 21:01:04 CEST 2008

Any direct answers to my questions?

On a side note: are Aaron Sowry's comments being considered for GTA03?

Thank you.

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 9:58 AM, Aaron Sowry <aaron at aeneby.com> wrote:
> My hardware wish list after owning the GTA02v5 for a week or so now:
> - A fast, dedicated graphic bus
> - GPS/uSD interference problem fixed
> - A case WITHOUT BEVELS for the touchscreen. Despite what the iPhone fanboys
> have been saying, I actually like the idea of a resistive touch screen
> rather than capacitive, as it allows you to use a stylus. This means you can
> maximise screen real-estate by having smaller icons etc. if you wish, but
> still use your finger if you prefer smudgy screens ;). Also, I am loving the
> Qtopia handwriting recognition which I couldn't imagine using without a
> stylus!
> - HW echo/GSM interference canceling, unless this can be addressed
> sufficiently in software
> - As you say, a place to store a small stylus. The main benefit (besides
> cost) of using a resistive touch screen is the ability to use a stylus - it
> should be assumed that people will be using one.
> - Longer battery life.
> Aaron

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 9:29 AM, Monkey D. Luffy
<the.real.monkey.d.luffy at gmail.com> wrote:
>> There were some threads about this... and I spent about an hour
>> reading them... but still don't know nothing for sure.
>> All I hear is maybes :(
>> This is more or less my wish list... So what will be in?
>> 1) camera (decent one, 3MP or more)
>> Will it be possible to record movies with sound? What resolution?
>> 2) buttons on the damn thing :p
>> SNES and GBx all the way :)
>> Or at the very least, sell the GTA03 with an optional control pad:
>> http://www.icontrolpad.com/ But try to make it as small as possible
>> (maybe the control pad overlapping the case) so it doesn't get toooo big.
>> 3) holder for a small plastic stylus. With an optinal string
>> connecting both, so that if you drop it by chance it doesn't get lost
>> forever in some crack to hell.
>> If possible, keep this in mind if selling the icontrolpad thingy (so
>> the stylus doesn't get trapped there).
>> 4) GPS
>> Will I be able to keep maps updated for free?
>> Will it be possible to make use of google maps, in the sense of having
>> the indications on how to get from A to B?
>> 5) USB connector (USB 2.x), in order to connect the phone to the computer
>> 6) WiFi
>> 7) accelerometers
>> 8) bluetooth
>> 9) a cute chinese or japanese girl ^_^
>> Well, at least their phone numbers :p
>> I heard about xv and glamo and what else... What I need to know is:
>> Will I be able to watch videos or play games (with sound on both) at
>> 640x480 resolution?
>> What will the final price be? In Europe?
>> And when will it be ready?
>> You drive people crazy waiting for a final product with decent
>> features (e.g. camera)
>> I need a *working* new phone... yesterday :(
>> (must... resist... iphone...)
>> Maybe all this info should be on your wiki and wikipedia?
>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GTA
>> Best wishes for everything!
>> PLEASE CC ME in your reply.
>> PS: suggestion for next phones: Dual-Sim

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