Best UK data plan?

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Sat Aug 2 12:05:37 CEST 2008

On 30 Jul 2008, at 15:56, Gothnet wrote:
> ...
> I'm expecting my FreeRunner in the next day or so (thanks Truebox)  
> and was
> wondering if any other UK users had come across any good data tariffs?
> I've got myself a SIM card from T-Mobile with their Solo 15  
> package, and
> managed to persuade the guy in the shop to try selling it to me  
> with their
> "Mobile Broadband Plus" add-on. 12.50 for 3G a month unrestricted  
> use. This
> combination's not on their lists or their website and head office  
> said it
> couldn't be done, but for once "computer says yes" in store.

It would have helped comparison if you'd included a link [1], but  
AFACT the summary is £15 / month for 350 minutes + 650 texts. (Plus  
price of your unlimited data)

My initial reaction was that that is a bargain, because presently I'm  
on an expensive O2's "Online 30" contract [2] which includes subsidy  
of my last handset, a Sony Ericsson P990i smartphone, nearly 18  
months ago. As you will see from the link I am paying £30 a month for  
400 minutes.

I tried to check out alternative tariffs from O2 a couple of weeks  
ago and found them confusing. I believed at that time the equivalent  
tariff, not including a subsidised phone was £25. Mobile phone  
companies seem to try deliberately to make life as confusing as  
possible - I couldn't find a tariff *exactly* the same as mine, but  
the one I found was only a few quid saving for about the same number  
(+/- 12.5%) of minutes.

However, in replying to your message today I have just found the O2  
"simplicity" tariffs [3]. Their "Online 25" contract is "now" only  
£20, and it includes 600 minutes, 1000 texts and a free "bolt on".  
This is actually not obvious from when you click on the link I've  
given below, because the default "bolt on" is unlimited free texts,  
however you can instead select the "Unlimited Web" by clicking where  
it says "change".

Thus O2 "Simplicity", despite sounding like a feminine hygiene  
product, might be better value for you. As I read it you're paying  
£27.50 per month in total for your Solo 15 (350 minutes + 650 texts)  
+ data. The O2 would give you nearly twice as many calls for £7.50  
less, and still include unlimited data! Also voicemail is free on O2  
and out-of-inclusive calls seem to be cheaper, too.

It looks like the discount of "Online 25" to £20 is only available to  
new subscribers throughout August, which is a bit of a pain because  
my contract doesn't expire until September. I'll perhaps read &//or  
post to the Usenet group at that time and  
see if anyone else has any suggestions - it might be worth you doing  
so now, as I have not tried hard to better the price T-Mobile have  
offered you, and I think you'll find some experts on that group (also  




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