Freerunner-powered bike ride

André Gaul gaul at
Sat Aug 2 21:17:51 CEST 2008

Hi community!

Just want to drop a line that I today made my first bike ride with a
Freerunner mounted on the handle bar of my bike. If someone is
interested I could take some photos to show what the mount-kit looks
like and how the Freerunner fits in.

It's a universal mobile phone bike-mount-kit by LesCars (don't want to
push the brand, but there are only few mount-kits for bikes out there)
[1]. All ports (USB, GPS, audio) and the 2 buttons are usable with this

With tangoGPS I had a lot of fun riding around town exploring new roads
for Openstreetmap. ;)

The next step would be a dynamo-powered charger for the Freerunner. I
read an article in the german computer magazine ct [2] about creating a
converter for charging USB devices while riding your bike with a
hub-dynamo. The article provides detailed instructions for building it
yourself, but I don't have the necessary soldering skills. So I'll have
to ask soldering-experts... ;)

Happy ridin!


[1] description in german:
[2] ct magazine 23/2007 page 190, german language

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