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shawn sullivan shelbydz at
Sat Aug 2 22:16:36 CEST 2008

I've been playing around w/ the GPS and Tango all day. I love it. very 
cool to have the maps of the area and be able to find stuff. However, I 
would like the ability to plug in an address or lat/log location and 
have it place a waypoint on the map from that, rather than have to find 
it on the existing map.

any ideas on that?

steve wrote:
> Thanks Mickey, 
>  TANGO GPS  was one of the first teams I decided to give a Free FreeRunner
> to.  
>   I'm  glad to hear that it will be in milestone2.
> Steve
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> Am Dienstag 29 Juli 2008 15:28:56 schrieb rakshat hooja:
>>> Moreover the '800 pound gorilla' OM is developing its own gps 
>>> software and I'm not spending my energy competing with it.
>>> OM2007.2 is there, it works and I recommend everybody to develop for it.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Marcus
>> Not  to start a flame war but even I would like to know why Openmoko 
>> with its scarce resources is developing its own gps software instead 
>> of supporting something like Tango GPS that seems to be working so well?
> Dear Rakshat, please don't let yourself be fooled by polemics, I know it's
> hard to resist, but we should lean on to the facts.
> Fact is: Openmoko is NOT developing its own gps software, in fact we all
> like Tango GPS a lot. It talks nicely to our opgsd implementation and will
> be included by default in the FSO milestone2.
> What we did though was to write a framework subsystem implementing the
> org.freedesktop.Gypso dbus protcol, enhancing it to support the great U-Blox
> chip found in the Neo Freerunner devices, enhancing it to hook into the
> systemwide peripheral resource control, enhancing it to prepare for
> automatic downloading/uploading almanac and ephemeris to improve warmstart.
> So, in a
> nutshell: We provided the necessary middleware (as is the rest of FSO) to
> make things run better. Of course we will also discuss with upstream about
> how to improve the gypsy implementation of org.freedesktop.Gypsy.
> Please see Daniel Willmann's announcement for more details.
> Cheers,
> --
> :M:

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