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The problem because the GSM chip has a closed firmware is because *laws*
in U.S. and I think also in other countries say that used must to to
have access to it.

Because it is a law, and Openmoko can not to go against laws, it was
told starting by day 1 that it will remain closed. It Openmoko would not
did so, it will be very difficult that it could get the FCC approvation
for its devices.

This law was done because a not running GSM firmware will not only make
your device not running, but also the devices that are near to you.

About the imei, I can confirm that is against laws to change it.

Michele Renda

Learning It wrote:
> What about reverce engineering? I saw that some ppl were doing their mobile phones. It means somewhere exists such information.
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>> Am Sonntag 03 August 2008 13:20:34 schrieb Learning It:
>>> It means that this project is not totaly open to
>> community....hmmm
>> Do you have source for the firmware of your bluetooth
>> chipset, your GPS 
>> chipset, your WLAN chipset, your printer, your modem?
>> GSM is a closed market, there is only a handfull of
>> certified stacks available 
>> and these are considered mission critical trade secret --
>> whether we like 
>> that or not. Until the forseeable future, I don't see
>> the powers allowing any 
>> open GSM stack (apart from the fact that such a thing
>> doesn't exist) to be 
>> allowed to operate in public networks.
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