firmware Re: IMEI

Mike Montour mail at
Sun Aug 3 20:31:48 CEST 2008

Learning It wrote:
> What about reverce engineering? I saw that some ppl were doing their mobile phones. It means somewhere exists such information.

I wouldn't bother trying to reverse-engineer the GSM firmware itself. 
The technical and legal barriers are too high for this to be a practical 
approach. Just accept that it is a black box, like the hard drive in 
your PC.

However, it would be useful to talk about "reverse-engineering" and 
documenting the AT command set through which the GSM chipset is 
accessed. Much of it is standard, but there are some proprietary 
commands. It would be very useful if we could find (for example) 
commands to control echo suppression/cancellation in the Calypso chipset.

These wiki pages are a good starting point:

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