3G (USIM) card different on FSO

Clare claregj at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 00:18:42 CEST 2008

Dear all,
GTA02 and GTA01 see USIM but not SIM using FSO Milestone 2

Here is a summary,  The USIM card is a "Three" prepaid for an A925,
The SIM is a Vodafone. Both Australian.

motorola/ USIM   ok
motorola/ SIM   "SOS only"   (implies that emergency calls could be made)

GTA02/ USIM/ FSO  ver 2 or ver 1:  sees card "SOS only", dialer weird.
GTA02/  SIM/ FSO  ver 2             :  does not see card. & "no dbus"
GTA02/ USIM/ 20080803"devel"   :  does not register, "No Network"
GTA02/  SIM/ 20080803"devel"    :  makes usable calls

GTA01/ USIM/ FSO  ver 2        :  sees card "SOS only", dialer weird
GTA01/  SIM/ FSO  ver 2         :  does not see card  & "no dbus"
GTA01/ SIM/  most images        : works "normally" , usable calls

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Eagerly awaiting next FSO,

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