SD Card Fix Fubar

steve steve at
Mon Aug 4 02:23:08 CEST 2008

Did you try the software fix first. And test before and after before
proceeding with the cap fix?


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> | I unsoldered the cap, sucked and scraped all the solder out. Metered 
> | between all the pins to verify no shorts( I know I should have done that
> |   first). Put the card back in and no joy..  nada..
> |
> | Not sure how to proceed now.  Is Openmoko going to be taking FR's 
> | back for repairs?
> It probably ain't FUBAR'd after this "easy" mod ((C)2008 Steve).  You 
> should get a cheap multimeter and check for shorts using the Ohm range 
> of that rather than just going by eye.

said that and did that.  thanks

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