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Mon Aug 4 16:49:43 CEST 2008

Considering what was discussed before, it's probably not possible to 
download the fw from the chip. If it indeed is such a big secret, the 
chip most likely has the firmware locked away. So unless there is a 
serious design flaw in the chip, you can't get the code.

However, the fw can probably be overwritten (well, first erased and then 
rewritten). Without this ability the fw couldn't ever be updated. It's 
very unlikely, though, that *you* will be getting the required 
documentation or equipment for this, considering how big the secrecy is.


Learning It kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to extract/overwrite the firmware from the chip? Does anybody know how to do it?
> Thanks
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>>> su, 2008-08-03 kello 04:12 -0700, Learning It
>> kirjoitti:
>>>> Do we have sources of firmware for GSM chipset?
>>> No.
>> Actually OM *has*, but they are under heavy NDA.
>> Probably this also is the reason we must not provide
>> FW-updates for users.
>> Even the binary might open a path to change IMEI or reverse
>> engineer other 
>> details of Calypso.
>> /jOERG
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