any update on GSM interference issue

Josh Thompson om-comm at
Mon Aug 4 18:36:18 CEST 2008

Has there been any progress on the GSM interference issue (bug #883)?  As I 
understand it, this is the current condition (please correct anything that is 

-only some people seem to have a problem with it
-the buzzing is only heard by people on the other end
-it is a hardware issue
-it is being looked in to by the OpenMoko team
-it is affected by how much power the FR is having to use to reach the tower 
(i.e. better signal strength -> less buzzing)

Has anyone gotten a bluetooth headset (SCO type) to work with the 2007.2 
distro for making calls?  If so, how did you do it, and did it fix this 
interference issue?

This issue is the only thing keeping me from using my FR as my primary phone.


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