any update on GSM interference issue

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Aug 4 18:47:38 CEST 2008

> Has anyone gotten a bluetooth headset (SCO type) to work with the 2007.2
> distro for making calls?

nope. i asked a while ago since i understood that there's a direct  
connection between bt and the gsm chip for this purpose (no need for  alsa  
and it's missing state-file), but never got a reply.
bt audio seems the be rather orphaned -- the bluetoothsomething.state file  
for alsa is missing completely and even questions regarding the state of  
bt audio at all were not answered.

> If so, how did you do it, and did it fix this
> interference issue?

the buzzing is canceled when the fr's mic is set to 0 -- so my expectation  
was by using a wireless headset to circumvent the issue (wired headset  
buzzes far louder than the fr itself). but see above ...

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