any update on GSM interference issue

Jim Morris ml at
Mon Aug 4 19:22:49 CEST 2008

Josh Thompson wrote:

> Has there been any progress on the GSM interference issue (bug #883)?  As I 
> understand it, this is the current condition (please correct anything that is 
> wrong):
> -the buzzing is only heard by people on the other end

I get buzzing at both ends of the call.

 > Has anyone gotten a bluetooth headset (SCO type) to work with the 2007.2

I was able to pair with a headset using the QTopia UI, however no audio came out, as I guess there 
is no alsa state file being applied. I have to say that after all this time it is surprising no one 
has been able to demonstrate a BT headset working, as this is a fundamental functionality for a 
phone in states that require handsfree whilst driving.

Jim Morris,

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