Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Aug 4 20:44:27 CEST 2008

Ah, but once you hit "send" you lost ownership of your thread.

You can no more reclaim your thread than you can stuff feathers back 
into a torn pillow in a high wind....


ian douglas wrote:
> Guys,
> My intention was not to create a message thread for people to vent about
> what they like or not about the Freerunner. I created the thread to get
> an official stance from Openmoko about the state of the warranty, and if
> it would cover any hardware fix offered by OM for the GPS/SD problems.
> -id
> ian douglas wrote:
>> Sean/Michael/Community:
>> It's been asked several times, especially regarding the GPS/SD "fixes" 
>> and people ordering pico-farad capacitors and soldering irons ... I'm 
>> hoping that at some point the "squeaky wheel" cliche will work itself 
>> out and we'll get an answer.
>> The boxes the Freerunners came in gave no information about warranty, we 
>> need to hear from Openmoko about what exactly the warranty does cover? 
>> My understanding of the warranty time limit is that single purchases got 
>> a 14-day "warranty", and group purchases were given a 28-day "warranty", 
>> but we've never been told what the warranty includes.
>> I'd really like to outline some of this on the wiki since we're cleaning 
>> it all up, etc., and since few users will ever search the mailing list 
>> archives anyway.
>> Will it include any recall/repairs needed to fix the GPS/SD problems at 
>> a hardware level?
>> Thanks,
>> Ian
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