Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

Michael Shiloh michael at
Tue Aug 5 00:36:02 CEST 2008

Jim Morris wrote:
> ian douglas wrote:
>> Guys,
>> My intention was not to create a message thread for people to vent about
>> what they like or not about the Freerunner. I created the thread to get
>> an official stance from Openmoko about the state of the warranty, and if
>> it would cover any hardware fix offered by OM for the GPS/SD problems.
> And a good thread it was too :)
> I am also very curious about the potential GSM fixes. Will these be done 
> by sending it back, or will it be something us hackers can do (and 
> soldering sub-micron capacitors to invisible traces I do not consider 
> your average hacker can do, and I have been playing with a soldering 
> iron for 35 years, and I would not attempt it :)
> The GSM problems particularly worry me, because it does make the phone 
> useless as a phone and I need to know if I need to go buy another phone 
> as a primary phone or not. Whereas problems with GPS & SDCARDS are not 
> show stoppers for me.

Have you tried the recommended approach of a new SIM card? Who is your 
carrier? Have you added them to the GSM database on the wiki?


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