Testing for audio playback

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Mon Aug 4 23:51:40 CEST 2008

> Also, I think having the applications disable suspend would be better
> than letting some system-level daemon guess what the appropriate
> behavior is.

I advocate a principled application of the concept of 'init states'  
for the entire system, which deal with the running state of various  
subsystems through the proper use of /etc/init.d/ scripts mapped to  
various power levels ..

If power/suspend has been initiated by the user, then let init start  
and stop and send messages and such, to the appropriate subsystems  
that need it, and leave it at that.  If some daemon pops up and says  
'the user wants init 10', and we've got 'init.d/rc10.d/S,K*' scripts  
that properly do whats required for init 10, then let init 10 be  
"we're at the office, leave us alone".

I know there are all sorts of reasons to abandon init to the wind, but  
since we're already using init to deal with different system states,  
if but with a veritable stinginess, then surely it could be expanded?

Jay Vaughan

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