any update on GSM interference issue

Andrew Bruno aeb at
Tue Aug 5 06:06:19 CEST 2008

I'm also very concerned with the GSM buzzing. This post mentions that the
issue was present in GTA01 and looks like it carried over to GTA02.

The issue has been around for quite some time now. Can anyone from OM
comment on the status or possibly any testing those of us who are
experiencing the buzz can do to help investigate this issue? I'm spinning
my wheels trying to debug and not sure where to go next. I realize it's
most likely a complex bug with lots of variables but it would be great to
get an idea of what information/testing/output would be most helpful to
the hardware guys in determining the cause of the interference.


> Josh Thompson wrote:
>> Has there been any progress on the GSM interference issue (bug #883)? 
As I
>> understand it, this is the current condition (please correct anything
that is
>> wrong):
>> -the buzzing is only heard by people on the other end
> I get buzzing at both ends of the call.
>  > Has anyone gotten a bluetooth headset (SCO type) to work with the
> 2007.2
> I was able to pair with a headset using the QTopia UI, however no audio
came out, as I guess there
> is no alsa state file being applied. I have to say that after all this
time it is surprising no one
> has been able to demonstrate a BT headset working, as this is a
> fundamental functionality for a
> phone in states that require handsfree whilst driving.
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