Dale Maggee antisol at
Tue Aug 5 07:34:32 CEST 2008

Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
> 2008/8/5 Dale Maggee <antisol at>:
>> Has anybody managed to get Navit working on their freerunner?
> I've been working on this, but unfortunately, Real Life has been
> preventing me sorting out the problem I had - that the build was
> failing in the tool chain because it builds a sample map as part of
> the build process, using the osm2navit tool it compiles - which of
> course won't run on the host.
> I commented out those parts of the makefile that build the sample,
> built the ipkg, but haven't had time to test...
> Jeff
I managed to get it to skip building the sample map by passing 
'--disable-samplemap' to om-conf.
#om-conf navit-0.0.4 --disable-samplemap

I also tried passing --enable-gpsd, but this didn't seem to have any 
effect, gpsd is still disabled.

I'll try building my own map and see how that goes.

did your om-conf detect gps.h and enable gpsd?

If so and you can post your ipkg online, or even email it to me 
directly, I'll be happy to try it out! :)


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