Third request: what *is* the warranty on the Freerunner?

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at
Tue Aug 5 08:23:46 CEST 2008

Hi Dimitri:

Some of information is not correct.

> The warranty is essentially non-existent.

Yes, we don't have unified warranty policy yet, but this does not mean 
we don't take the responsibility for user get bad devices. We still 
working on this, once we have consensus, we will announce. The problem 
also not warranty itself, but also who will take care later warranty 
issue processing (fixing/logistic).

> It's supposedly 14 days "D.O.A.". Dead On Arrival, in its strictest
> definition, means that as long as the phone boots up, that's it. It doesn't
> matter if it's not really functional. As long as it boots up, it's
> technically not "DOA".
> If it can't make phone calls or connect to the internet, too bad: it's not
> "DOA".
> If the GPS antenna doesn't work right, because of a hardware flaw, too bad:
> it's not "DOA".

We have support list for trouble shooting, For EU user get phone from 
distributor, you could contact them if your phone not working. For web 
shop order, please contact mail on the web shop, we will take the case 
and process it. But also please check support list and wiki quick start 
page for existing answer.

We _didn't_ reject any customer for return with reasonable reasons so 
far. If device is really non-functional, we take case by case troubling 
shooting and review it. We don't want to be irresponsible for FR user, 
that's only policy here for sure.

> While I'm glad they're trying to put out a phone that's "open", I'm very
> disappointed in their lack of customer support. I mean, it's not some
> throw-away piece of crap. It's a $400 phone!

Yes, we do not satisfy ourself with this kind of service level either, 
we are trying improve, but this is global shipment, and we only have a 
few people now.

> I feel mislead by their marketing, which led me (and, from what I've been
> reading, many others) to think that the phone was actually ready for both
> developers AND regular folks. This, of course, is false, as it can't even
> connect to the internet *out of the box*, and requires a ridiculous degree
> of programming knowledge to even do so. (As a Java programmer with 10 years'
> experience, I've finally given up trying.)

If you ask for return, we still take this request and review it. Please 
mail me your contact information, order number, and issue description.

Tony Tu (Neng-Yu Tu)
Openmoko, Inc.

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