Pulsters outstanding orders

Carcinoma carcinoma at gmx.net
Tue Aug 5 13:24:10 CEST 2008

Hi Community, 

I'm not happy about writing this Mail, but i think there is not better place. 

Does anyone received his Freerunner from Pulsters? 

I'm waiting 1 1/2week, since Pulster received the Freerunners from the Fab (was 25.08.2008). 

But every day which passes without receiving, i think, what does this man do, while 
he should pack the FR's and send it to its owner. I don't trust him anymore. At the beginning 
of last week, he mailed "The Freerunners comes at the week". Nothing. This week "they will be send monday". Nothing (no track id or mail reladed to the sending process). 

So what should i do? 
Today I'm waiting to long. Looking to the process at the wiki, mailinglist and so on will make me more unhappy. 

!!! Pulster when does you send me my Freerunner? !!! 

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