Pulsters outstanding orders

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Tue Aug 5 13:39:39 CEST 2008

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Carcinoma wrote:
> Hi Community, 

Hi (nice name :)

> I'm not happy about writing this Mail, but i think there is not better place. 
> Does anyone received his Freerunner from Pulsters? 
> I'm waiting 1 1/2week, since Pulster received the Freerunners from the Fab (was 25.08.2008). 

Pulster is receiving stock of Phone. The problem is that there was a
very big ammount of request, and Openmoko factory need time to produce
all the FR.

For example today I read that Openmoko is giving all Openmoko that is
able to produce to their distributor (like Pulster, Trisoft) giving
priority to them respect to his shop.

> But every day which passes without receiving, i think, what does this man do, while 
> he should pack the FR's and send it to its owner. I don't trust him anymore. At the beginning 
> of last week, he mailed "The Freerunners comes at the week". Nothing. This week "they will be send monday". Nothing (no track id or mail reladed to the sending process). 

I don't think he is doing nothing all the day. The request was bigger
than prevented and so the only thing we can do is only to wait.

> So what should i do? 
> Today I'm waiting to long. Looking to the process at the wiki, mailinglist and so on will make me more unhappy. 
> !!! Pulster when does you send me my Freerunner? !!! 

I think when I had the possibility.

Ps. I think there is a bit of lack of communication between Pulster /
Openmoko and all the customers, but I am sure they are tring to do all
is possible to solve all the problems.

>  Carci

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