cpu-speed limitations

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Why we all from this mailing list, we don't start to send a simple and
educated email asking to release their documentation out of NDA?

I think if they saw all our email with First name / Last Name asking it,
may be they will start to think about what opportunity they can lose if
they don't open it. In the end are our money that give resource to this

Someone from Openmoko, can tell us what we have to ask them?

Alex Kavanagh wrote:
> Andy Green wrote, On 05/08/08 11:05:
>> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>> | sluggish and should be adequate given the task at hand. What is the deal
>> | with Glamo? Do we have - or will we ever have - meaningful graphics
>> | acceleration for the Freerunner, given that this Glamo appears to be
>> | handicapped by a bus that is not only slow to start with, but also
>> shared?
>> We didn't get to the end of meddling with the Glamo yet, but what we got
>> is what we got so far.  The biggest handicap by far for that chip is we
>> can't share the documentation.
>> If we could, I bet there are people who would jump in and do stuff like
>> use one of the OpenRisc CPUs that are on the die to do all kinds of
>> effects in local Glamo memory.  There is quite a bit of firepower in
>> there we don't have resources to get working internally that can help
>> hide the weakness of the external bus interface.
> That kind of sucks doesn't it.  That there is a processor on the chip
> that could do, say, scrolling independently of the main processor and we
> aren't allowed to know how to do it.  I'm sure it's a great chip, but if
> we can't drive it in interesting ways:
> a) it means that Glamo doesn't look very good.
> b) developers will think that Glamo isn't very good and will ask for
> something else.
> Does this scenario work well for S Media?

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