cpu-speed limitations

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I think is because for now there are too many things to do, and OM has
not all the people to work on all there.

And for now the graphical acceleration is not one of the first priority.
Remember that they are only a few of persons (and a fewer with the
tecnical capacity to work on it)

Jay Vaughan wrote:

> I think the point is this: whoever *has* access to the documentation  
> at OpenMoko shouldn't be working on *anything else* except for getting  
> the features of this chip available to us in the public sphere. If  
> you've got the docs, why work on something that a public community  
> member can work on?  Work on the hard stuff - that which we can't get  
> the docs for here in the open community - and push the hardware as  
> much as possible.. please!
> ;
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