any update on GSM interference issue

Al Johnson openmoko at
Tue Aug 5 18:22:18 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 05 August 2008, Josh Thompson wrote:
> On Monday August 04, 2008, Andy Green wrote:
> > AFAIK in hardware this should be possible -- BT audio comes in on "VX"
> > digital interface of WM8753 and there should be a path to get in and out
> > of that to RXN/P pair and MONO1/2 pair.
> So, I found this:
> Now, I'm starting to understand what a lot of those setting in alsamixer
> mean. Does anyone know how much of the "ALSA Channels" diagram has changed
> for the FR?

I drew up the "ALSA Channels" referring to the FR as I thought the audio 
subsystems were more or less identical. If there are differences then it 
should be moved to a different page, or the differences noted, but I don't 
have a Neo1973 so I can't check.

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