cpu-speed limitations

Alex Kavanagh alex at ajkavanagh.co.uk
Tue Aug 5 18:33:04 CEST 2008

Aaron Sowry wrote, On 05/08/08 17:12:
>> Is the glamo graphics stuff the 'most important' thing that should be
>> done?  
> No, but I don't think it should be ignored. If there are a limited 
> number of people with the authority/ability to do this then I think 
> that's where their attention needs to be focused. 'Graphics stuff' might 
> seem like polish but a smooth and responsive interface would totally 
> transform the Freerunner as a palmtop device.
Very true.  Having played with an iPhone3G the UI is very, very nice to
use and that's mostly about the performance of the graphics.

Personally, I do want the graphics stuff sorted - it'd be nice to see
*where* on the list of priorities it sits at OM.  There aren't any
specific bugs in the trac about this (maybe there should be?)

>> i.e. in firmware on the glamo chip?  The qtopia image (which uses
>> a framebuffer?) seems to get reasonably good performance without
>> anything extra.  
> It's reasonably good, but not great. You'd never get compositing without 
> hardware acceleration (hey, I can dream can't I? ;) )
Me also :-)


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