Pulsters outstanding orders

Nicolas Pichon nicolas.pichon at luceor.com
Tue Aug 5 19:34:05 CEST 2008

Carcinoma a écrit :
> Hi Community, 
> I'm not happy about writing this Mail, but i think there is not better place. 
> Does anyone received his Freerunner from Pulsters? 
> I'm waiting 1 1/2week, since Pulster received the Freerunners from the Fab (was 25.08.2008). 
> But every day which passes without receiving, i think, what does this man do, while 
> he should pack the FR's and send it to its owner. I don't trust him anymore. At the beginning 
> of last week, he mailed "The Freerunners comes at the week". Nothing. This week "they will be send monday". Nothing (no track id or mail reladed to the sending process). 
> So what should i do? 
> Today I'm waiting to long. Looking to the process at the wiki, mailinglist and so on will make me more unhappy. 
> !!! Pulster when does you send me my Freerunner? !!! 


Same for me here,

I ordered my Freerunner about 45 minutes after Pulster's announce on 
community mailing list (all Freerunner have been ordered in 1H30 as 
Pulster told me). This was on 27 june.

On 1 July, as I didn't received any confirmation, I sent Pulster an 
email to ask him my order's state. On 2 July, Pulster sent me an email 
to tell me that my order has been taken into account, that I will 
receive a Freerunner from first batch and gave me all the payment 
instructions. I went to my bank on the same day to send the payment.

On 15 July my bank account has been charged. This was due to poor speed 
of my bank to process an international payment, not Pulster's fault.

On 23 July, as I didn't received any confirmation that my payment has 
been received and/or my Freerunner shipping state, I send an email to 
ask Pulster what was happening. He replied on 24 July that my payment 
has been received (didn't told when) and that my Freerunner will be 
shipped "This week".

Today, I haven't had any more news from Pulster about my order.

I'm very disappointed, as I chose Pulster because Bearstech pre-orders 
where sold-out, and I expected to receive my Freerunner faster by 
ordering with Pulster than waiting for Bearstech's second batch of 
Freerunners. I'm adding to this Pulster's crappy payment options : no 
card, no Paypal, only bank transfer that cost me 3,50€ and take a lot 
more time.

This is my experience with Pulster.

Nicolas Pichon

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