Bad A2DP Performance

Daniel Benoy daniel at
Tue Aug 5 21:03:24 CEST 2008

I reported a problem to the openmoko bug tracker a little while ago and I haven't received any feedback yet.  I'm hoping I will get more feedback here.

When I try using A2DP on my freerunner, I get performance so bad that it's completely unlistenable.  The performance is similar to what I get on my desktop and its USB bluetooth dongle, if I go too far away.  However, even at extreme close range, I get terribly bad performance from my freerunner.

I'm hoping to learn if this is a freerunner flaw like the GPS issue, if the freerunner was just never designed for the bandwidth required by A2DP, if it's just me and I've snafued something, or if it's just me and my freerunner is faulty.

Thanks in advance :)

Daniel Benoy
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