cpu-speed limitations

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Wed Aug 6 06:10:34 CEST 2008

Alex Kavanagh wrote:
> Jay Vaughan wrote, On 05/08/08 16:32:
>> It would be a terrible shame if, after all the 'more important work'  
>> gets done, Glamo gets ignored because 'now its time to build new  
>> hardware'.  I think it'd be rotten, in fact.
> I'd agree with that, if that happens - but that hasn't happened yet. 
> You're imagining the worst possible outcome here? Perhaps I'm too
> naive.  Although I can imagine a scenario where the OM team would move
> quickly onto the GTA03 once the GTA02 is 'good enough', the community
> can keep the pressure up to 'do' something with the glamo chip when the
> other issues on the GTA02 have been solved.

Hmm - there's a current issue regarding the GTA01 GPS gllin driver and 
kernel /sys filesystem paths, so the response of Openmoko to that 
"previous generation" issue is probably a good indicator of the sort of 
attention that GTA02 Glamo will get once GTA03 is released.

I'm hoping that the response is a positive one from Openmoko.

Publishing the schematics will be a great first step, but there is still 
the "previous generation" support for the proprietary NDA stuff that 
needs to be factored into Openmoko's staffing plans (since the community 
can't do it).

-- Rod

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