Dale Maggee antisol at
Wed Aug 6 13:40:29 CEST 2008

arne anka wrote:
>> gpsd-devel.i386                          2.34-3.fc7              
>> development
> this should be the right one -- lock inside (yum might be able to list the  
> content), it should have some or more files ending with .h
I can't see a yum option to list files, but there's an info command 
which gives me the following, among other things:
 This package provides C header files for the gpsd shared libraries
that manage access to a GPS for applications; also Python modules.

This makes me think that you're probably correct, and that this is what 
I want.

Trying to install this puts me into a dependency hell I created a long 
time ago when I knew a lot less and installed two incompatible 
repositories, the solution which I found being 'don't update'. I'll see 
if I can get it to install without causing a disaster (It's currently 
resolving dependencies), but as previously indicated it's not that 
important anymore, so if it's going to uninstall a heap of my programs I 
won't worry about it..
> (snip)
> until error messages advise otherwise, i think that's not necessary. after  
> all, you're just linking an app aganinst a well known and available lib.
>> but in my experience, things I install with yum are precompiled... would
> not necessarily (there are actually src.rpm). the devel-packages conatin  
> additional, usually platform independent, informations like the .h files  
> and .la, which basically provide informations how other applications may  
> play together with this app (libgps in our case).
Aha, I see, so this will install the required gps.h file, among other 
>> I install the -devel package with yum and then use 'rpm -ql' (list
>> package files) to find the files I need?
> you can do rpm -ql if you're curious about the packages contents, but on  
> any distribution conforming to lsb there are well defined pathes to  
> install those files into and to look for.
> thus, the compiler should be able to finde the necessary files without any  
> further action on your side.
>> wouldn't I actually want to
>> install a source package (probably named something like "gpsd-src")?
> only if you want to build gps yourself.
> in the rare case, there is absolutely no devel package available, you  
> might use a source package as well, since it contains that .h and .la  
> files as well -- but that requires a certain amount of configuration to  
> make the compiler find them.
I understand! Thanks alot for clearing up my confusion! :) I'll let you 
know if I manage to get it installed.


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