wrong offset of mouse in landscape mode (and scummvm)

Roland Mas lolando at debian.org
Wed Aug 6 18:42:13 CEST 2008

Dale Maggee, 2008-08-07 02:31:23 +1000 :


> I'm having exactly the same problem with scummVM as described above.
> Looking I found /usr/bin/scummvm, but trying to run it i get :
> /bin/sh: /usr/bin/scummvm: not found
> which is very odd, because I can type "/usr/bin/scum[TAB]", and it
> autocompletes to scummvm. the file is marked as executable. I can't
> see anything wrong.

This usually means a broken (or missing) interpreter.  If
/usr/bin/scummvm is a compiled binary, then the interpreter would be
libc6/ld.so, but I assume you'd have been bitten by that earlier...

Roland Mas

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