alarm clock for 2007.2?

Maciej Piechotka uzytkownik2 at
Thu Aug 7 00:53:48 CEST 2008

Dirk Bergstrom <openmoko at ...> writes:

> At Tue, 05 Aug 2008 09:39:31 +0800,"W.Kenworthy" <billk at ...> wrote:
> > Is there an alarm clock pkg for 2007.2?  Something that plays a sound at
> > a particular time off the calendar?
> > I even tried to search the repo for cron and at without luck - so I
> > suppose these are manual build/installs?
> As I understand it, there is not yet a cron or the moral equivalent.
> It's not a simple port, as you have to be able to wake the phone from
> suspend, etc.
> I'm hoping that someone who understands the low-level issues will
> decide to dive into this, because I have a number of ideas that
> require something like cron.  Perhaps this will be part of FSO?  Arne
> brought it up on the list about six weeks ago, and there was no real
> answer then.

I'm planning to write a wake-up daemon (i.e. daemon who recive a lists of times
from applications and set-up properly RTC). However as I would like to make it 
for both 2007.02 and FSO I asked is there any FSO spec about it. I'll probably
do it in the near future.

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