How to see how full my battery is?

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> | What units is this in? - I get a slightly varying "505500"
|> uA... that's a lot of power you're sucking there?  Normally Freerunner
|> is around 190mA with backlight on full or 90mA idle with backlight down.
|> Negative numbers from that is charging current again in uA.

| Something wasnt right - the next resume X didnt come back leaving a
| console display without any means of data entry.  Required the battery
| to be removed to reboot it.  And it was ~1hr when I discovered it and
| the battery had lost 30% in that time - was down to 4% :)
| Now its drawing ~166000 when I removed the charger.

Huh.  Well that's more normal, but no idea what was eating that power
before, it's ~1.7W...  It sounds like the kind of drain if you were on a
call, GSM side is the only thing that power hungry AFAIK, unless you had
it in host mode and a device like WLAN stick (or room heater :-) )
plugged in.  Even internal WLAN is only meant to be 400mW during TX.

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