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vasco.nevoa at vasco.nevoa at
Thu Aug 7 12:48:53 CEST 2008

Citando Michele Renda <michele.renda at>:

> So, I think, making pessure to the firm that produce Glamo, is the only
> possibility to get very open our hardware.

Given the legal situation, I agree. Let's pester them with a ton of emails! :)
Maybe we could get the FSF and GNU into this as well? We might as well  
use all the armies at once, for greater impact... ;)
Maybe we could collect information about good examples of HW firms who  
have opened their specs and are gaining market share because of this,  
and present that data to SMedia.
I'm just throwing up ideas, I don't have the time to actually execute  
them... but someone with GNU/FSF connections could.

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