ASU 2008.08 image

Rod Whitby rod at
Thu Aug 7 13:11:44 CEST 2008

simarillion wrote:
> I'm a little bit confused.
> On the devel List I read that the "real" ASU image has a black Wallpaper. But 
> where can I download it?
> I downloaded this one 
> but it has the wallpaper of the FSO image and the nice qwerty button at the 
> top left. Which image is this, SHR ?

FYI, that image is not ASU/2008.08, since buildhost builds from the branch, not the org.openmoko.asu.* branches.  It's not 
SHR either.  It's a qtopia-x11 image based on the latest builds of the 
branch that brought you the current openmoko release (the one that comes 
on your phone).

In my opinion, it should be removed, since it causes so much confusion. 
  Hopefully, the point will be moot in less than 2 days.

So whilst it might give an idea of what ASU might look like, it will
certainly have lots of bugs and features (e.g. the FSO theme) which
definitely are not in the image you get when you build from the correct

-- Rod

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