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Fredrik Wendt fredrik at wendt.se
Fri Aug 8 00:36:13 CEST 2008

> And there is a profile switcher planned I hope?

I just can't let go of the idea of having several profiles activated at
the same time, so I'll spam you all once more (last time, I promise).

- work
- home
- cinema
- lecture hall
- hospital
- amusement park

- coding (default)
- none (default for others)
- meeting
- in a phone call
- lecture / conference
- watching a movie
- exercising (biking anyone?) (it could detect the wii fit bluetooth MAC
addresses in the air as well)

Time based:
- after bed time
- tuck in time (put the kid(s) to sleep)
- lunch
- working hours
- Simpsons

- phone is upside down on a table (only flash lights, no buzz or
- battery is running low
- far from home (send e-mail with GPS coordinates every hour)
- vacation (don't send GPS coordinates every hour)
- bluetooth headset is in range (and paired)
- home media center (and asterisk) is in range (redirect music)

Being able to have just _one_ context/setting/mood at a time is so

When I go to lunch (12-13, or 12 am to 1 pm) I generally put the phone
in my pocket so I want the ringing sound to be louder. BUT, if I'm in a
lunch meeting with a client (the meeting's in the calendar) I don't want
to be disturbed (except by family and day care numbers), hence there
should be no ringtone at all.

This is also true while exercising (louder), unless it's tuck in time
for the kids and I'm at home (Wii Fit).

If I'm at the cinema the GSM should turn off, unless I'm at a conference
(in my calendar) which would only turn ringtone off (or send it to my BT
headset at a low volume). If I'm a presenter I'd like all calls to be
rejected (unless family + day care) so I won't be interrupted while
using the FreeRunner as a remote control (next slide, etc - too bad it
didn't come with a laser beam/LED as well :).

I'd love the idea of having more than one profile (context) active at
the same time - my daily life simply isn't that simple that one profile
fits. I don't want to be locked up in old locked down cellphone
behaviour - I want to be free. ;)

/ Fredrik Wendt
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