Openmoko Om 2008.8 Release

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Fri Aug 8 13:48:40 CEST 2008

Maybe I should add that the binary Om 2008.8 release is for GTA02 only  
right now.
For GTA01, we have no big plan yet but we will look at it next. The  
biggest problem that stops us is that we are extremely low on GTA01  
phones :-)
I am only aware of 1 (ONE) functioning GTA01 in the Taipei office. A  
bit hard to do development and testing that way.
Next week we will look at the Om 2008.8 on GTA01 situation:

1. how many people want this?
2. does anyone in the community step up and compile the distribution  
for GTA01? (there will be some work: size reduction, GPS chip, etc)
3. can we support or do that from Taipei, do we find enough working  
4. how much work is it and how fast can we do it?

Also, the files on are a bit  
There are 4 files there, but actually only 2. The other 2 are  
symlinks. The symlinks have no 'gta02' in the name giving you the  
impression it could be for GTA01 - but it isn't :-)
So there are only 2 files, and they only work for GTA02:


Finally, don't ask me where an updated u-boot is. I think we will add  
it shortly.
Best Regards,

On Aug 8, 2008, at 7:03 PM, William Lai wrote:

> Dear Community,
> We are proud to announce the release of Om 2008.8 for public  
> reviewing.
> It represents our current state of development over the last 6 months.
> We came a long way before achieving this milestone.
> Here is what you can expect:
> - A stable and working phone stack realized by using Qtopia.
> - A new and flexible window manager [Illume] that broadens our support
> for the different graphic libraries, including GTK+ and more.
> - The whole system software has been reworked which leads to a very  
> fast
> and reliable suspend & resume, LED control and power management.
> - A graphical frontend [Installer] for package management as  
> installing,
> removing or updating applications via repositories.
> - Also included is an application which combines GPS and SMS  
> [Locations]
> for easy sharing of locations among friends.
> For detailed information about Om 2008.8 (including instructions,
> references and currently known issues) check out our wiki at:
> Please consider this a next step towards an open end user ready mobile
> platform. We are not there yet but we will continue working towards  
> that
> direction. We invite you to install our latest release and give  
> feedback:
> Soon after our release we will publish frequent snapshots of our
> builds to give you the possibility to follow our development and  
> latest
> fixes. You can join forces with our QA team by submitting bug reports
> and/or patches to make the platform as robust as possible.
> We are excited about this release and look forward to moving together
> towards upcoming milestones.
> Best Regards,
> Openmoko Team
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