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Fri Aug 8 21:09:29 CEST 2008


Daniel Benoy schrieb:
> Wow that sounds neat!  How hard would it be to create an apt repository on the openmoko build host using this?  Then we could just edit a config and run apt-get ^.^
It is not hard. In fact for Jalimo we are packaging OE-built packages
for Maemo:

You can find information on how to set up a repo on the Debian website.
Basically you have to set up the correct folders and then run the
following programs across it:

dpkg-scanpackages -a armel pool/${1} /dev/null | gzip -c9 >

dpkg-scansources pool/${1} /dev/null | gzip -c9 >

${1} is the distro name. That would be "2008.08" for the OpenMoko OS. :)

However you should know that OpenMoko is tailored to work with opkg. I
am not sure what will break if you use dpkg and apt-get/aptitude on it.

I would also modify the openmoko image definition to not include opkg
and instead apt. Angstrom - the distro - OpenMoko is derived from - has
support for .deb packages. Perhaps the easiest way is to look how it is
done there.

Btw: OE can also create RPMs. :)


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