2008.08 - First Impressions

Peter Mogensen apm at bigendian.dk
Sat Aug 9 10:26:49 CEST 2008

Dale Maggee wrote:
> Firstly, it's *gorgeous* - eyecandy city! I *really* like the look and 
> feel of it! It's much more friendly and less 'clunky' feeling than 2007.2.

Hmm.. let's just say I'm impressed by how good Qtopia on X11 actually 
performs. Some of the earlier snapshots were really slow, but this is 

> The graphical installer is great! I really like this, although I agree 
> with the opinion stated elsewhere that the text is too big, and I'd 
> really like to see the 'description' text on the package details screen, 
> so that I know what the package is (names aren't always that informative).

So you don't think it should be usable without a stylus?

> * keyboard
>     - Predictive text is annoying as hell.

There seem to be some kind of "interface nazism" (to quote Thorvalds) 
going on.
Apart from the predictive keyboard being *really* annoying - especially 
if you are typing URL's, shell commands or a non-english language!! then 
I don't understand this idea that there can't be a bring-up-the-keyboard 
button. (yes I know I can install a qwerty-button).
For me the correct way is like qtopia:
* Have a bring-up-the-keyboard button
* Have change-input-method option
* Have a set of different keyboards (multitap,full 
qwerty,handwriting,om2008-like) to toggle between.
* Be able to turn predictive keyboard OFF
... and for goods sake... don't make a keyboard without a delete key.

>     - I'd like to see letters on the numeric keypad screen. For example, 
> the PIN on my sim card is a word typed using the numbers on my phone 
> keypad, not a number - I have no idea what the numbers in my PIN are! in 
> order to enter my pin using this numpad, I have to get out my nokia and 
> look at it's keypad and then type in the numbers. 

Arhh... go write it down, then.

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