Usable Keyboard

Dale Maggee antisol at
Sat Aug 9 14:32:09 CEST 2008

> please check the mail list archives about terminal and asu, and check the
> keyboard in FSO. the keyboard in ASU is the qtopia keyboard. for better or
> worse. illume has it's own internal keyboard that does give you all these
> things, but it was decided that this was not what was wanted. i've participated
> in long threads on the topic of the keyboard in ASU. :) you're repeating what a
> lot of people keep saying.
> as i've said before - i intend to fork and do my own ui (as opposed to the ASU
> you see) that actually has a lot of the things everyone is clamouring for
> (more configuration, different/better/more configurable keyboard, different
> launcher setup etc.). a lot of these features already lurk under the hood in
> the code and are simply configured to be off and/or inaccessible. unfortunately
> - this is going to have to sit on a backburner and await whatever spare time i
> find for it as i have resigned from openmoko (effective end of august). i'll do
> what i can over time, but my priorities will be to keep myself fed and housed :)

You're welcome to sleep on my couch while you're fixing the keyboard... ;)

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